Who We Are


The National Catholic Coaches Association seeks to positively influence student-athletes, coaches, and parents through faith and coaching. At our core, we are a collection of individuals who continuously strive for excellence both for ourselves as well as those whom we interact with everyday. We are a vast network of knowledge and experience and we aim to help our fellow members grow in all facets of their spiritual and professional lives.

What is the ncca?

  • WE ARE an online community of coaches created by coaches

  • WE ARE a monument to the influence of coaching and the Catholic faith

  • WE ARE enthusiastic coaches from around the country who love coaching and helping others

what the ncca is not:

  • WE ARE NOT a series of training sessions that take time and resources

  • WE ARE NOT going to fill up your inbox

  • WE ARE NOT a governing body



President & CEO

Tim is the co-founder and president of the National Catholic Coaches Association. Triplett has 14 years of coaching experience at the collegiate and high school levels.  He is currently the head football coach and assistant activities director at Holy Family Catholic in Victoria Minnesota. “The National Catholic Coaches Association was started to connect coaches from around the country in the realm of faith and coaching”. “We want the NCCA to be a platform for coaches to share ideas, build their culture & leadership abilities in an online environment”.  Along with his duties at Holy Family and the NCCA, Triplett works in leadership development & management consulting. 



Vice President & COO

Andrew is the Vice President of Operations as well as a founding board member of the NCCA. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2014, Andrew spent time volunteering as a soccer coach and English teacher for refugee children in Africa. Upon returning, he spent two years coaching football at Alfred State College in New York followed by a year of coaching at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis in St. Paul. He has also spent multiple years coaching Boys and Girls Varsity Tennis at his former high school – Lumen Christi Catholic High School in Jackson, Michigan. 

“I have always gotten great pleasure out of helping other people achieve success. Whether it was tutoring a fellow classmate in school or coaching collegiate athletes on the field, I have always believed in our God given duty to share our talents with others.”

Kelly Larson


Vice President & Board Member

Kelly Larson is the Executive Vice President of the NCCA and a founding board member. Kelly is an assistant girl’s track coach at her alma mater City High School in Iowa City, Iowa. Larson is the current jumps coach for Iowa City High. After graduating from City High in 1997, she went on to compete in track & field and basketball at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. Kelly graduated with a BA in International Studies and a BA in Spanish.  

“While I truly enjoyed competing in athletics at the collegiate level, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to compete at a Catholic college where I grew as a person, athlete, and Catholic.  I loved the spiritual influence and guidance provided by the amazing faculty and coaches I had the privilege of being around during those formative years of my life.”